Course Outline

This online course provides a comprehensive introduction to the basic concepts surrounding the cryptocurrency known as Bitcoin. After completing this course, you will be able to:

  • Explain to others the history of money and the useful characteristics of a good monetary system.

  • Understand what Bitcoin is and why it has value.

  • Functionally buy, store, send and receive your first Bitcoin safely and securely.

  • Understand the basics of free market trading and also be able to read cryptocurrency chart data.

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a decentralised digital currency that enables near-instant online payments to anyone, anywhere in the world. 

It uses a peer-to-peer network technology called the blockchain to operate with no central authority.

Bitcoin has all the desirable properties of good money but in a digital form. Bitcoin is:

Portable, Durable, Divisible, Recognisable, Fungible Scarce and Difficult to Counterfeit.

Bitcoin was designed around the idea of using cryptography to control its creation and transfer around the network, rather than relying on central authorities or third parties, making it more secure and eventually more private than any other currency in history.

Bitcoin is not like the inflationary fiat money that drives today's global economy. When you own bitcoin, you become your own bank with direct access to your own money and with no storage fees. 

It is an extraordinary advancement in both the fields of technology and finance and requires a new kind of thinking to understand its full potential.

Now is the time to learn more. If you don't think this course is enough for you then why not try our free Online Bitcoin Quiz to test your existing knowledge.

Course Curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome To The Ultimate Bitcoin Beginner's Guide

    • How To Use This Course

    • Introduction To The Course

  • 2

    The History of Money

    • History of Money in 10 minutes

    • The Uses & Characteristics of Good Money

    • Quiz No.1

    • Commodity Money Vs. Fiat Money

    • The Value is in The Trust

  • 3

    The Advent of Bitcoin

    • The Birth of Bitcoin

    • Quiz No.2

    • What Makes Bitcoin Different ?

    • Bitcoin Mining and an Overview of the Blockchain

    • Quiz No.3

  • 4

    Diving Into The World of Bitcoin

    • Getting Prepared To Buy Bitcoin - An Overview of Cryptocurrency Wallets

    • Downloading and Setting up Your Bitcoin Wallet

    • Buying Your First Bitcoin And Trading Cryptocurrencies

    • The Value of Bitcoin is in The Trust of The Network

    • Quiz No.4

  • 5

    The Rise of The Alternatives

    • What is an ALT Coin ?

    • What is Ethereum?

    • Quiz No.5

    • What is a Stablecoin?

    • Quiz No.6

    • What is a Privacy Coin?

    • Quiz No.7

    • Do Your Own Research and Avoid Scams

  • 6

    Markets and Trading

    • Tokenomics Part 1

    • Quiz No.8

    • Tokenomics Part 2

    • Quiz No.9

    • How To Read Cryptocurrency Charts Part 1

    • Quiz No.10

    • How To Read Cryptocurrency Charts Part 2

    • Quiz No.11

  • 7

    End of The Course

    • Common Terminology Used in This Space

    • Thank You For Your Participation

    • Congratulations!!! Collect Your Reward Before You Go

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