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Everything You Need To Know To Get Started Using Bitcoin

Bitcoin is not like the inflationary fiat money that drives today's global economy. It posses qualities of sound money such as being a medium of exchange, a store of value as well as a unit of account. Although it is a digital asset, it has the characteristics of being scarce, divisible, portable and unable to counterfeit.

It is an extraordinary advancement in both the fields of technology and finance and requires a new kind of thinking to understand its full potential. - G Moses

Course curriculum

  • 2
    The History of Money
  • 3
    The Advent of Bitcoin
  • 4
    Diving Into The World of Bitcoin
    • Getting Prepared To Buy Bitcoin - An Overview of Cryptocurrency Wallets
    • Downloading and Setting up Your Bitcoin Wallet
    • Buying Your First Bitcoin And Trading Cryptocurrencies
    • The Value of Bitcoin is in The Trust of The Network
    • Quiz No.4 FREE PREVIEW
  • 5
    The Rise of The Alternatives
    • What is an ALT Coin ?
    • What is Ethereum?
    • Quiz No.5
    • What is a Stablecoin?
    • Quiz No.6
    • What is a Privacy Coin?
    • Quiz No.7
    • Do Your Own Research and Avoid Scams
  • 6
    Markets and Trading
    • Tokenomics Part 1
    • Quiz No.8
    • Tokenomics Part 2
    • Quiz No.9
    • How To Read Cryptocurrency Charts Part 1
    • Quiz No.10
    • How To Read Cryptocurrency Charts Part 2
    • Quiz No.11
  • 7
    End of The Course
    • Common Terminology Used in This Space
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